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Got Weed Man? Team Ksd discusses that Hydroponic, Bubonic, Acapulco Gold, Bobo Bush, Chiba Chiba, Dona Juanita, El Diablo, Fir, Ganja, Hawaiian, Herb, Indo, Juan Valdez, Kind, Loco weed, Manhattan Silver, Nail, O.J., Panama Red, Queen Ann’s Lace, Reefer, Sweet Lucy, Taima, Viper’s Weed, White Haired Lady, Yellow Submarine, Zacatecas Purple Afghani Ditch Weed Man. Also on the KsdPodcast Fred 9 Woo Woo Wooten is replaced by Tim Meadows. Brandon BJ’S Andersen plays with his smartphone and Juanathan Davis remembers when he was a young wart hog.



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